Thursday, May 18, 2006

NYC Subway Warning: No-Groping Zone

I recently read about an incident that happened on the subway train I take to College and feel kinda disgusted.

This led me to think about the problem of women’s harassment on the NYC subway system. I’m sure it’s not just the NYC subway but other major cities as well but I know that NYC has particular subway culture that one cannot avoid not taking the Subway.

Anyways, I feel that the NYC MTA should start considering what Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, and Tokyo subways have done: create No-Groping Zones.

Many women have welcomed the law as a relief from the groping and sexual harassment they regularly experience in the packed cars. "Men think it's extremely normal to do this. They don't feel guilty at all," says Monica Aranjo Neves, 34, an administrative assistant who has been groped on several occasions. "We have to go to work, then take care of everything at home, and we shouldn't have to deal with this on the train."

I hope New Yorkers can come to realize this is a problem amongst us and take similar action. If cities like Tokyo have already opted for this approach, then New York should definitely consider it… I think this would also be viable solution to many Muslim countries urban centers as well.