Sunday, July 09, 2006

Food for Thought, Food for Marriage?

Male 55 yr, Female 11 yr, are just married.

Stop: before you think of anything that may come to mind (i.e. this is wrong, how could this happen, etc) -

Consider this: Afghanistan is arguably one of the most dangerous places in the world which has an average life expentacy of 43 years (male and female), has virtually no economy (unless you count exporting opium and heroin), tribal warlord ruled country (the US considers it a democracy - which it helped create).

Child Brides article

Just so you know, the article says that, "Husbands are not ordinarily old enough to be their wives' fathers or grandfathers, but such February-September couples as those pictured here are hardly rare either."

the choice for the poor family in Afghanistan: if boy, sell into bondage; if girl, get her married.
"Fathers then were especially keen to convert their daughters into brides. It was a way to deliver the girl from hunger — and a way to at least temporarily ward off famine for the rest of the family. Young boys were sold into bondage with the same painful practicality."

Economic Sense or Oppressive Nonsense?:
well, lets apply that to afghan society... the people are starving to death, more than half the country is under poverty line... so economist would say it is sensible transaction.
Feminist beg to differ - this would the height of anger for them. I remember many feminist who were critical of the Taliban over their treatment of women - flashforward today: regime change to democracy yet same situation in society.