Friday, August 25, 2006

In the Middle of Nowhere & Choose Your Party: Dems, GOP, or Islam?

The reason why you have not seen any recent posts is because I have been in the process of moving.
Yes, I moved from NYC to somewhere in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. I haven't gotten internet access since I moved here so I wasn't able to post regularly.

In another note, I recently posted a comment on Umar Lee's blog post about "You might be a progressive Muslim if you..." .... One of the commentators, Etraz,had this to say about my remark:

As someone who self-identifies as a progressive (though I'd prefer just Muslim), I could see where all of these were coming from except this aforementioned one.

Politically and pragmatically speaking, those groups are least likely to persecute Muslims. Just remember: Bush is anti-abortion, anti-gay, and anti-communist.

I'm sure he'd give you lots of love Dunia Stranger.

My original comment was:

You forgot ...

You must politically organize with the "progressives" on their issues of abortion, gay marriage, and communism (read: atheism), in order to gain support for civil liberties for Muslims.

Ok. Lets clarify a few things... hating on the left or right does not mean one favors the other political party.

If I criticize the left or dems does not mean I am Republican. Unfortunately Muslims are forgetting that the Islam does not fit into the categories of Dem or Rep/ Liberl or Conservative... I fact, Islam is in its own unique cateory of a deen: a way of life.

Muslims have to stop applying the false dichotomy to Islam.

The truth is that Dems and Reps, or Liberals and Conservative are all messed up. Explain this conservative contradiction:
You are for Pro-life because you don’t want to kill innocent people yet you don not want to gun control laws passed? Doesn’t Gun control help save innocent peoples lives? I mean by all means have your handguns and what not… do you really need an automatic assault weapon?

Here is the liberal contradiction:
You will fight hard to uphold women’s rights but back down from limiting pornographic content? Explain to me how allowing graphic material that essentially portrays women in many, repeat many, ways as sexual objects conducive to helping uphold women’s rights? A dilemma of course (btw, I don’t buy the whole ‘porn empowers women’ argument).

Anyways, my central point is that Muslims should let their political parties define the issues but rather define them and their political choices by the issues.


At 12:01 PM, Blogger Musleema said...

asalamulaikum, you don't how many times I have said the same thing to Muslims only to be totally misunderstood. I've given up. Jazakallahu khyr for this post and shukran for the link.


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