Saturday, December 09, 2006

Broken Doors

I'm re-posting this from a new blog I found... I really liked it and I thought I'd share it.

Why the Broken Doors

The Doors have been broken and the windows shattered. The glass is all lying around and i can’t hide from the wind. The rain i used to love is destroying the very foundation i built. I ask myself, “Why the Broken Doors only in my home”. I thought i could seek refuge behind the doors but all was shattered and even the curtains were razed. I was trying to hide from the rain only to be hurt by the glass all around. I tried to walk tiptoed to save myself from the broken glass but little did i realize i was numb to the pain. The glass became the canvas, rain the brush, and what better paint than my thick red blood.

I'll write more about my thoughts on it later, inshAllah.


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