Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Busy in 07

I've been unable to post much recently since I've been busy with a few things like research on a Haiti for a project.

I did want to respond to a comment posted on my previous post. An "Anonymous" person said this about my recent post:

When lovers meet thousand pains disappear but how often do lovers truly meet. The world is true cruel a place and sometimes they are like birds who are separated even before meeting. Sex is important no doubt but sometimes lovers are so intoxicated that sex is only a small part of their existence. They are too caught up in meeting each other and trying to escape the pains of their surroundings in each others eyes.

Yes, perhaps that may be true but when all is done, the intoxication will wear off those "lovers" and if the sex is not attached to something more than just the act itself, an empty feeling will come within their existence - only only to pain them more.


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