Monday, June 18, 2007

An Unusual Father for this "Father's Day"

I don't care much for "Father's Day," and there are alot of bad fathers out there (many good ones as well) but this one the below quote is speaking of one - is quite unusual.

Moshe Dayan , IDF General and Israeli Defense Minister during the 1967, remarked to a Palestinian poet that the relationship between Israel and the Palestinians (after Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories) would be like that between a Bedouin man and a young girl he takes against her wishes: Their children would not recall the rape but would view the man as their father.

I told my sister about this quote and she, being a psysch major, told me:

interesting. sad. true.
Perhaps the sadder part is that in these situations (once the children are away from the mother) the children will still always be attracted to their father and will want to reconcile with him, perhas hoping he can offer an apology and they can be the united happy family--something they saw but never had.

How about that? Seems like serious phychological/emotional problem... One could easily see the children seeking therapy or counseling in the future - so does that mean the Palestinian people as a whole are probably suffering from a physchological crisis? Perhaps.



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You may like to read this post on umkahlil's blog:

Kamil Nasir: Fighting on the Side of Beauty

I found it deeply moving...


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