Friday, June 11, 2010

Currently Reading

I've been reading a few books lately: (1) The Last Moughal and (2) Logicomix

The Last Moughal is one of the best south Asian history books I've read - in fact, I haven't read that many south Asian history books, so that statement doesn't mean much but the book is very good and has impressed me in many ways with it attention to interesting bits of information and structure.

Logicomix is comic book with the aim of teaching philosophy. Its a comic book on the life of English philosopher Bertrand Russell and his quest for the truth through philosophy.

I'll admit that I personally didn't like Russell's 'The History of Western Philosophy' since it marginalized Islamic philosophers of Spain and left me with a negative view of Russell but I the authors of Logicomix cast him as an interesting protagonist, much more interesting, than I though he could be.

I'll add more then I'm done with the 2 books InshAllah.