Sunday, February 05, 2012

Aqeedah with Sh. Waleed Basyouni

Alhumdulillah, this whole weekend I attended a seminar on Aqeedah titled 'Light to Darkness' from the Al Maghrib Institute learning. I learned a lot and still have to review my notes for all things I thought about that I want to review for the future from this seminar.

I thought about a few things this weekend when I was sitting in the seminar. The first being that this Qabeelah Tayybah did not exist when I was in college. I remember meeting with brothers when we thought about getting Al Maghrib seminars going in NYC... and now it's a reality. I disappeared from NYC for 3 years while I went to law school. It's good to be back and attending seminars - especially with someone I respect like Sh. Basyouni... the man is knowledgeable, dedicated teacher, very prepared for his students, humble, and light hearted; all traits that I was able to observe first hand when I sat with him Saturday night for a brief dinner.

I've been lost for the last few months... lost in my work as a lawyer - trying to make sense of my life and sad by the condition of my eman and the mistakes I've made... but a part of me is tired of that state and wants to improve myself again.